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Princeton Ag Product Development Consultants is a collaboration of senior agricultural chemical scientists, each with over 30 years of R&D experience at the lab and management level, mostly at  FMC. We have all worked together for many years and communicate freely and effectively  among ourselves to maximize our contribution to the success of your project.


We also delight to provide you with the latest agricultural product formulation, premix and microbial pesticide patent publications from the U.S., Europe, and PCT each month. Please come back often to see what is new.


Small Business/University? Have a project at an early stage with limited access to US agchem experts? Consider our Project Feasibility Report. We’ll speak to both your project’s potential and its risks, the issues you should consider, and an estimate of costs and timeline to market.
Have Early Prototypes and Some Data? With a more developed project we can provide our Full Project Planning Assessment. In more details than above, we’ll discuss competitive advantages, issues to address, risks, a full list of work and regulatory studies needed (with cost estimates), and a timeline to market. Our entire team will contribute.

Need Temporary Staffing, Have Staff Gaps?  Need a full US-based Team?
Look over our team’s expertise and services. We can help with project management, field testing, formulations, study designs and study management, registration management, and/or supplement your current staff when their workload has bloomed.


  1. We are really good at what we do!!
  2. We have all worked together before and communicate freely and easily.
  3. Each of us has decades of experience in agchem R&D.
  4. You get the expertise you need when you need it, and pay for it only when you need it. No need to add headcount.
  5. You can hire us through just one of us or hire us individually as needed.