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Name Expertise Business Name Website Email
Jim Bahr  jim bahr Project management (timelines, costs, etc), strategic design and coordination of crop biological testing, crop competitive advantages. JB AgProject Services, LLC
Jim Walter Jim Walter Project management, strategic design and coordination of non-crop biological testing, non-crop competitive advantages. Non-crop/specialty and seed treatment market insights. Market access/partnering. Chanticleer Consulting, LLC
Robin Dexter Robin Dexter Formulations options and design, prototype preparations, scale-up assistance. Robin Dexter, LLC

Jim Killeen Jim Killeen

Mammalian toxicology - study placement and management. JC Killeen Consulting, LLC
Dennis Roberts Dennis Roberts AI and formulation cost estimates, manufacturing project management, access to contract manufacturers, formulators and distributors, product chemistry. Procurement Project Management, LLC
Julie Spagnoli EPA liaison and EPA submission management, NPIRS searches. Jmsp Consulting, LLC
Matt Brooks  Matt Brooks EPA and state submission management, EPA consultations, regulatory strategies, NPIRS searches, PMNs, data comp., design and coordination of e-fate studies. Ag-Chem Consulting, LLC
Jim Walter, Jim Bahr, Dennis Roberts Market data,  competitive analyses, pricing choices, market access contacts. See above See above See above
Shaaban Elnaggar  Shaaban El-Naggar trim Metabolism and environmental fate - study placement and management and results interpretation. Life Sciences Chemical Consultant, LLC
Joe Sullivan  J Sullivan Ecotox: design, placement and interpretation of lab studies. Design and oversight of wildlife field studies. Ecological risk assessments.  Ardea Consulting
Marcos Avanzi  Marcos Avanzi Brazil registration and business consulting, efficacy and regulatory study placement,  submission management. Partner Agro Services



Jim Bahr

jim bahrBS in Chemistry from MIT, PhD in Biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania. 15 patents and published patent applications, 17 refereed scientific articles and 16 invited papers or book chapters. Currently Director of JB AgProject Services, LLC.

An R&D Discovery Manager and new a.i. product development Project Manager, with 32 years of experience in agchem industry R&D.

Key Skills: Broadly experienced in management of a variety of crop protection disciplines, including biology, formulations, process chemistry, regulatory sciences and intellectual property plus marketing/finance issues for new products. Major focus was lab and greenhouse biological testing and agricultural field trials. Solid understanding of the new a.i development process and requirements.

Services: Strategic design of new product testing programs in light of project objectives and concepts, definition of possible/probable competitive attributes, placement of the selected biological tests with recognized experts for greenhouse and field testing. Insights and details about global regulatory requirements, timelines and costs for new a.i.s. Coaching and training for your in-house biological staff.

Work Experience: Led teams that discovered and conducted early development of the herbicides sulfentrazone and carfentrazone-ethyl, plus three other herbicides and two insecticides at FMC. Managed a multi-disciplinary discovery team of up to 30 people. Led cross-functional teams including process chemistry, biology, biochemistry, formulations and regulatory sciences in new a.i development.

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Jim Walter

Jim Walter

BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia, PhD in Chemical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley. 41 patents, 38 refereed scientific publications and 40 lectures or scientific paper-presentations.  Currently Owner of Chanticleer Consulting, LLC.

A Product Development/Market Development Manager with over 31 years of experience in discovering, developing and commercializing agricultural products, with a focus on non-crop products and biopesticides.

Key Skills:  Broadly experienced in management of a variety of crop protection disciplines, including discovery/design, biology, formulations, process chemistry, regulatory, marketing and intellectual property issues for new products, Major focus was on discovery/design, process development and specialty product biological testing field trials.

Services: Consultation on new product development and marketing, specializing on products for the specialty market (pest control, lawn and ornamental, and consumer products) and biopesticides for the ag and specialty markets. Strategic design of new product testing programs for non-crop products, in light of project objectives and concepts, definition of possible/probable competitive attributes, and placement of the biological testing with recognized experts. Guidance on regulatory requirements for non-crop pesticides. Access to non-crop/specialty distribution partners.

Work Experience: Marketing and Development Manager for FMC's Specialty Products Business, managed the marketing team for a $135M business.  Managed Innovation and Development for FMC's Professional Solutions Division. Developed and launched Dismiss, Solitaire, QuickSilver, Mikron, and Echelon Herbicides for the golf and landscape industry, plus Transport, Topia and Talstar Extra Insecticides for the household pest and lawn care industry and Segway Fungicide. Speciality Product Development and Marketing Manager for Rohm and Hass, Product Development Manager for W.R.Grace/Thermo Trilogy, invented and developed Soilguard, Trilogy and Neemix biopesticides.

Alternative Work Experience: Marketing and Development Manager for FMC's Specialty Products Business, managed the marketing team for a $135M business.  Managed Innovation and Development for FMC's Professional Solutions Division. Developed and launched four new herbicide products for the golf and landscape industry, plus three new insecticides and one fungicide for the household pest and lawn care industry. Speciality Product Development and Marketing Manager for Rohm and Hass, Product Development Manager for W.R.Grace/Thermo Trilogy, invented and developed three biopesticides.

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Robin Dexter

Robin DexterBSc in Chemistry from Durham University, PhD in Applied Science from Durham University. 31 patents and 26 published papers and presentations. Currently Director of Robin W. Dexter, LLC.

A senior Formulations Chemist and expert in colloid and polymer chemistry with 20 years of experience in pesticide formulation R&D.

Key Skills: Formulations research from conception to manufacture. Customer support for herbicide, insecticide and fungicide formulations. Crop and non-crop formulations work. Understanding of spray drift control and mitigation.

Services: Insights on formulation technologies, formulation design and product optimization and scale-up. Preparation of custom prototype formulation samples. Consulting roles can vary from conversations with your staff to hands-on supervision when your work load exceeds resources, and can include formal presentations on all aspects of the agchem formulating process for your current team.

Work Experience: 17 years of experience in colloid and polymer chemistry research providing a sound basis for a subsequent 20 years in agricultural R&D formulations at American Cyanamid/BASF and FMC. Led the team which developed the first large scale microencapsulated crop protection product for American Cyanamid/BASF Corporation, ProwlH2O, from concept to manufacture.

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Dennis Roberts

Dennis RobertsBS in Chemical Engineering from University of Maryland, MS in Chemical Engineering from University of Maryland. Currently Director of Procurement Project Management, LLC.

A Process Engineer and supply chain expert, with 30 years of experience in the agricultural chemical industry

Key Skills: Project management for process and formulations work. Detailed knowledge of low cost production options in China and India and negotiating skills with Asian sources. Technology transfer to Asian a.i. suppliers. Cost savings focus. Broad knowledge of regulatory requirements for agricultural chemicals, including product chemistry (5-batch) and physical properties.

Services: Category management (broaden supplier base and supply chain security and reduce costs) on a long term or ad hoc basis. Project management for your efforts to improve supply chain to include Asian or Brazilian suppliers, including regulatory impacts and RFPs. Relationship building with these suppliers and your permanent staff. Work with commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals and/or active ingredients. Access to leading distribution partners in the US. Cost estimates for pesticide active ingredients and formulations.

Work Experience: Managed process pilot lab and a wide variety of supply chain issues for FMC Agricultural Chemicals group over 30-year period. Led a process, formulations and analytical team with 78 staff for five years. Negotiated supply agreements with over 20 suppliers of a.i.s and inerts to lower costs and improve supply security.  Managed tech transfer of seven a.i.s to production in China.  Built strong collaborative relationships among US, India and China staffs.

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Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks

BS in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts, MS in Entomology (Toxicology) and in Chemistry from U. Mass., PhD in Chemistry from U. Mass.  Fifteen referred scientific articles and 11 professional presentations.

A pesticide industry consultant specializing in regulatory strategy and registration submissions. President and Scientific Director of AG-Chem Consulting, LLC.

Key Skills: Strong knowledge and understanding of EPA requirements and processes, especially in the areas of product chemistry, e-fate and residue  chemistry. Over 20 years of experience in obtaining EPA Section 3, Section 18, and Section 24c registrations for conventional, antimicrobial, and biopesticides (including registration of micro-organisms as pesticides).  Similar knowledge for State submissions, including California and New York, as well as maintaining a database of client state registrations, submitting revised labeling and maintaining renewals.  Project management of guideline residue and e-fate studies.   Significant expertise in PMN and LVE submissions including HPV products, masking for TSCA inventory purposes and obtaining CAS# for newly synthesized molecules.

Services: EPA and state-level pesticide registration submissions for all Sections, including biopesticides. PMN submissions. Consultations to registrants on EPA and state requirements in product chemistry, e-fate and residue chemistry and overall regulatory strategies. Project management for e-fate and residue studies. Liaison with EPA staff before and during the registration process. NPIRS searches and data comp. analysis/costs. Expert witness testimony for data comp. issues.

Work Experience: Fifteen years of independent consulting activity as Ag-Chem Consulting, LLC, providing diverse clients with the services listed above. Three years as senior scientific consultant with Jellinek, Schwartz and Connolly, Inc. providing clients with guidance on EPA and state requirements and project management of external studies. Five years with FMC Agricultural Chemicals R&D as a lab scientist and external study director.

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Jim Killeen

Jim KilleenBS in Pharmacy from the Albany College of Pharmacy, PhD in Toxicology and Experimental Pathology from the Albany Medical College.  Four scientific publications and 30+ presentations to regulatory bodies in the United States and around the world.  Currently Principal, JCKilleen Consulting LLC.

A Toxicologist, with over forty years of experience in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical Industries.

Key Skills:  Toxicological expertise in planning, direction, implementation and interpretation of results, for registration of agrochemicals worldwide.  Experience in working in a multidisciplinary environment to meet the requirements of international regulatory bodies. Developing and maintaining registrations for fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and nematocides, with specific expertise in organophosphates and carbamates.  

Services:  Develop specific strategies and timeframes for required toxicology studies that would be needed for registration of agrochemicals that need food use tolerances and those that do not require food tolerances. The strategy would be implemented by closely monitoring all studies to identify registration issues in a timely manner.  Worker risk assessments would also be prepared as needed.

Work Experience:  Directed toxicology and animal metabolism group of over 50 individuals that provided critical regulatory data related to chlorothalonil, fluazinam, fosthiazate and thiofanox as well as several developmental agrochemicals.  For chlorothalonil, a putative mechanism of renal carcinogenicity was developed that supported the continuing worldwide registration.  In addition, toxicological input was supplied as a member of an active corporate acquisition team.

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Shaaban ElNaggar

Shaaban El-Naggar trim

BS in Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Alexandria University, Egypt.  MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Alexandria University.  PhD and MS in Medicinal Chemistry-Natural Products from Ohio State Univ.  34 published scientific publications and presentations.

A highly regarded and skilled expert in Metabolism and Environmental Fate studies with 36 years of experience in an agricultural chemical industry R&D environment.  Founder and Lead Consultant of Life Science Chemical Consultant, LLC.

Key Skills: Solid knowledge of diverse pesticide pharmacokinetics. Up-to-date on EPA, JMPR, OECD, et al requirements for metabolism and e-fate studies. Analytical methods for metabolite structural elucidation. Biosynthesis, isolation and structure elucidation of natural products. Understanding of impact of structural features on probable pesticide toxicity.

Services: Design and monitoring of agricultural chemical metabolism and environmental fate studies in animals, soils and water. Interpretation of results in light of current regulations. Report preparation for regulatory submissions and responses to regulatory reviews. Consultation on metabolite identification challenges. Design and coordination of contracted radio-labelled and unlabeled synthesis of active agents and pesticide metabolites. Collaboration with toxicologists on bases of differential toxicity.

Work Experience: Two years in post-doctoral research positions at Ohio state and the NIH, USA. Thirty-six years at FMC agricultural chemical group R&D team in the arena of metabolism and e-fate studies, last twelve years as Sr. Res. Fellow. Design, supervision and execution of dozens of in-house and contract research lab animal, soil and water metabolism and e-fate studies for herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Preparation of documents defending registered active ingredients under regulatory review. Due diligence reviews for proposed acquisitions. Radiation Safety Officer at FMC for ten years. 


Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan

BA in Biology from Ripon College, MS in Biology/Ecology from Utah State University, PhD in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  Seven referred scientific articles, eight invited papers and/or book chapters, and 21 professional presentations.

A Certified Wildlife Biologist with four years as an avian toxicologist in agchem industry R&D and 22 years as an active and independent ecological risk assessment, ecotoxicology and wildlife biology consultant.

Key Skills: Strong knowledge and understanding of wildlife biology/toxicology, pesticides impacts on wildlife, especially birds, and pesticide ecological risk assessment. Training in Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response. Especially strong in avian ecotox and biology. Leadership of multi-consultant teams in risk assessments.

Services: Placement and management of both laboratory and field studies in support of new and commercial agricultural chemical products. Ecological risk assessments. Wildlife biology studies, including assessment of wildlife impacts of approved chemicals and environmental contaminants. Reviews of existing ecotox literature.

Work Experience: Clients during 20 years of ecotox/wildlife studies consulting have included California Department of Food and Agriculture, National Park Service, US Air Force, US Army, Bayer Crop Science, Dupont, BASF, and US EPA.  Projects included ecological risk assessments, wildlife population surveys, studies of the impact of pesticides on wildlife species; including honey bees; with an emphasis on California, but also across the US.


Marcos Avanzi

Marcos AvanziBS in Agricultural Engineering from Universidade Estadual de Londrina and MS in Agronomy from Universidade Estadual de Londrina. Nine scientific publications and meeting presentations. Currently owner of Partner Agro Service (Campinas).

An Agronomist with experience in Brazilian agriculture plus registration requirements and processes.

Key Skills:  Fluent in English. Management of Brazilian Federal Registration and Special Temporary Registration processes. Knowledge of regulatory requirements and costs. Access to competent local regulatory study labs. Strategic planning for businesses new to Brazil.

Services:  General business consulting about Brazilian agriculture. Technical advice about Brazilian registration requirements, patents and trademarks.  Agrochemicals, biologicals, fertilizers, adjuvants and organic products. Product importing, customs clearance, transport and storage.

Work Experience:  Eighteen years of experience in Brazilian agriculture, twelve years in product registration roles. Restructured and trained professionals in registration teams. Submitted multinational client registration documents – managed submissions at both federal and state level. Contracted/monitored local required studies.

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